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Feb 25
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kalos1 On the west side of an Island Korčula lies a little picturesque Mediterranean town called Vela Luka. With its tranquillity and hospitality, natural beauties and attractions, Vela Luka is an unforgettable experience for all its visitors.
When you arrive, the glare of the sun, tremendous pine tree forests, olive groves, a little island called Ošjak, which has been drawing many poets' imagination, beautiful beaches of the Proizd Island and just as valuable spirit of the locals, will tell you more than words could ever say.Geographical location and the depth of the Vela Luka Bay caused sedimentation of the medicinal mud in Kale Cove.In addition to healing whirlpool and mineral water, Etesian medicinal climate completes excellent healing conditions.After sunbathing and swimming in the Kale Cove, people have noticed their chronic rheumatic illnesses significantly reduced or disappeared.The water in the cove is shallow, so swimmers would cover themselves with mud and take a sunbath. The more exposed to sun they were and the more sea mud they put on, the less problems they had with their illnesses. People spoke about their experiences so every year more and more people came to this cove, even from far away parts of the country and abroad.

That is how things were 150 years ago, and today?kalos-restoran
After a series of scientific research, carried out by Oceanographic Institute in Split, Laboratory of Balneology JAZU, Croatian Weather Bureau and Chemistry Laboratory in München under Prof. Schnell, had confirmed this mud possesses healing characteristics, in 1972 construction of ‘Kalos Health resort’ was initialized. In 1977 a dispensary was built, and today it has 240 beds.
In 1994 ‘Kalos health resort’ has been given a specialized medical rehabilitation hospital status by the decision of the Ministry of Health. 102 rooms with all conveniences are placed at your disposal (MB, TWC, TV/SAT and a refrigerator) as well as 3 comfortable suites (MB, TWC, TV/SAT, refrigerator, ventilator, iron, ironing board and other equipment).vela-luka
In respect of tradition and nature of this area, as well as modern society’s rising ecological standards, we base our development on natural benefits, which we have been so lucky to be given, constantly refining it with human factor.What makes this treatment particularly successful is a combination of all previously mentioned factors and contemporary procedures of physical and rehabilitative medicine. Today we are proud of our individual approach to every guest, based on medical principles.We have 149 employees, of which 74 are health workers.
In our facility we employ 6 doctors, 5 physiatrists, 1 physiatrist-rheumatologist, psychologist, defectologist logopaed, 21 nurses, and 45 physiotherapists.
We have our own laboratory.
We pay attention to constant and continuous education of our staff according to most modern methods, and among other things we organize ‘Summer Academy’ dedicated to children’s treatment and rehabilitation with many acknowledged world famous experts-lecturers in this area of expertise participating. Apart from having a kitchen, a restaurant and a café ‘Kalos’, we have our own laundry.
While staying with us your free time will be filled with organized excursions to the places of rich historical tradition, Korčula, Blato…and one-day trips to Dubrovnik and Mljet.
Swimming in perfectly clear sea, evenings spent in singing with Vela Luka ‘a capella’ singers, rich folklore (Mafrina and widely known Kumpanija), fishermen nights and a rich menu of seafood specialties complete the atmosphere of your staying in this beautiful place.

For all detailed information about accommodation, medical    
programmes, spectrum of therapies and reservations please

     Mrs. Miranda  Tabain;
•    phone: 00385(0)20755-100
•    e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Početna About us